Top Ten Most Famous Destinations to Visit in Summer 2012

Summer season is on its peak at the moment and people who love traveling or spending their vacations on some awesome summer destinations every year would be planning to decide their next summer destination in 2012. Everyone has real fun plans in mind especially in summer because it is the nature of human beings that he or she wants to enjoy first wind of every season before any other person. Below is the top 10 list of those popular destinations that should be selected to travel in summer 2012.

Stockholm, Sweden

I would recommend visiting Stockholm, Sweden especially in summer if you never been there to have an exciting yet very relaxing summer trip. Stockholm is such a big place to enjoy natural beauty as it consists on around 25,000 islands. So sailboat, kayak or canoe could be the best things to enjoy your summer vacations in this Scandinavian city. People are very friendly and welcome every guest warmly.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Baltimore, the prominent city of Maryland, is the 9th hottest summer destination to visit this year. This city holds an international summer festival every year namely Star-Spangled Sailabration 2012, which attracts thousands of occasional visitors every year. There are a number free daily public tours for everyone and all you need to do is to climb aboard ships to have fun. These ships are from Canadian, British and U.S. Navy.

San Juan Island, Washington

The superb weather, water and whales make San Juan Island a top-rated summer destination for everyone in 2012. You will love enjoying in the comfortable, dry weather on this island which is the part of four main islands of this region namely; Shaw, Lopez, Orcas and San Juan. The beautiful mountain views, beachfront resorts and exciting summer activities make it an ideal summer destination.

Argyll and the Isles, Scotland

Scotland itself is a very beautiful country that would be loved visiting by everyone at every time of the year but there are some places like Argyll and the Isles that become most wanted destination for travelers in summers. If you are nature lover, you should select Argyll and the Isles as your next tour destination as it lies an edge-of-the-world landscape. You can reach there by traveling a few hours on train from Glasgow.

Orlando, United States

Orlando, United States was among top 5 traveling destinations in summer in the previous year’s list but it dropped to No. 6 this year. It is mainly because the room rates in this American city have risen dramatically that have become out of range for many occasional travelers to this best summer destination. An average per night cost for a single person is around $101 this year (too much). But it is still a place to visit in 2012. [smartads]

Isla del Sol, Bolivia

Visiting Isla del Sol, Bolivia would give you an idea that this place justifies getting its place in the top 5 best summer destinations in 2012. This largest island in Bolivia (Eastern Europe) is the hometown to highest navigable lake in the world as it is located at 12,500 feet height. Hikers love climbing the rocky trails.

Patagonia, Argentina

Most of the summer travelers generally prefer visiting any hill station in this hottest season of the year and Patagonia, Argentina could be No. 1 choice for those. Patagonia is the home to largest mountain range in the world after Asia. The significant point of visiting this Argentinean vacation destination is that one can go there via flights as well. You will have a bunch of things to do in this city.

New York, United States

New York is the second most popular summer traveling destination in United States and is on third in overall list. This American city has earned the reputation of a popular vacation destination in summer rapidly in recent years. Previously it was at No. 6 in this list but 2012 brought it at No. 3. But it could be little expensive trip for many as a tour to New York City isn’t a cheaper choice.

Muskoka Cottage Country

There is a popular summer traveling destination for people from around the globe in eastern Canada. The name of this vacation point is Muskoka Cottage country. It is the region full of beautiful lakes and every lake is accessible for travelers / visitors to reach within few minutes. Muskoka district is commonly known as full of excitement to have fun by everyone that is very close to Toronto. It is top summer destination in Canada.

Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas is always the hottest summer destination for travelers from all over the world. It is particularly hotter in terms of hot summers as well as in terms of popularity all year long. Sin City is the place in Las Vegas which has been the No. 1 American summer destination for the past decade. Previously Orlando was the top summer destination but now Las Vegas has been at No. 1 for providing maximum number of fun-related summer activities.

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