Top Ten Most Famous Intelligent People in the World 2012

Looking for Intelligent People ! Intelligence though can be enhanced with the experiences we have in our lives but generally it is God-gifted. Though you may be born clever but it is not sure that you are equally good at learning. At the same time, there are many who were born dumb but later on they proved themselves a quick, good leaner and most intelligent person. Our list of most intelligent people combines extra ordinary people of the world at one page.

Fabiano Luigi Caruana

Fabiano Luigi Caruana, another well-popular American resident, has a world record against his name. He made this world record on July 15, 2007 when he won the title of Grandmaster chess player. He was just around 15 when he achieved this title being a Miami, Florida resident. He is originally an Italian resident but lives in America with a dual citizenship.


Judit Polgar

Judit Polgar is worldwide recognized as the first female Grandmaster chess player in the world. This Hungarian-born girl achieved this title when she was only 15 in 1991. She had another honor of being the youngest Grandmaster chess player (both in male and female category) in the world at that time. Judit has another honor of defeating nine chess world champions after winning this title that proves her brilliance and extra ordinary skills to become most intelligent Hungarian female.


Michael Kevin Kearney

Michael Kevin Kearney is another American in this list. Kearney secured 8th position as the most intelligent person all over the world. Kearney has become a billionaire now after he participated in a reality show in United States. His brilliance includes completion of the bachelor’s degree at a very young age. Later on, Kearney became the youngest university professor in the world. The notable part is Kearney completed high school at the age of 6 and became college graduate at the age of 10 only.


Moosa Firoz In Intelligent People

Moosa Firoz is the third Pakistani person in this list who was made “Math Ambassador” in Australia in the start of this year for his brilliance in Mathematics. This 13-year-old resident of a far-flung area of Punjab i.e. Phalia District, secured first position in Australia in March, 2012 in the “World Mathematics Competition”. The most important part of his victory was there were 1.4 million students who participated in this competition from around the world.


Ali Moeen Nawazish

A-Level is the most learned education standard in the majority of countries in the world. Ali Moeen Nawazish, another Pakistani resident, set a world record in this format of education. He became the very first student in the world who passed 23 A-levels with grade A in 21 papers while B in one paper and C in one paper. Nawazish completed his graduation (on scholarships) at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, England.


Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa

Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa was an extra-ordinary Pakistani girl who became a reason of prominence for this developing country of Asia. She proved herself an extra ordinary child in 2004 when she emerged as the youngest Microsoft Certified professional (MCP) at the age of 9 only. Arfa was the owner of this world record since 2008. Bill Gates invited her for a personal meeting in Microsoft Headquarters to judge her brilliance. She died on 14 January 2012.


Akrit Jaswal

Akrit Jaswal is a shining student and the resident of India. This Indian-national is widely known as the youngest surgeon in the world as he became surgeon when he was only 7-year-old. He also has got an extra ordinary IQ level of 146 scores. Akrit got him listed as the youngest surgeon when a 7-year-old girl was treated by him at the age of 7. She was a poor girl and was unable to produce the required money for her operation.


Stephen Hawking

Do I need to tell you detail about Stephen Hawking especially if you are a physicist? Hawking is worldwide famous for his extra ordinary contributions in the theoretical physics category. His efforts in this category spanned over 40 years that brought us a number of key findings of the modern sciences. Hawking became wheelchair-bound because of getting affected from a type of motor neuron disease. His contributions have won him numerous medals and awards so far.


Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith is another American person in this list who secured 3rd position as the intelligent person ever lived in the modern history. Smith was nominated by the authorities for the Nobel Prize for his extra ordinary skills even when he was only 12-year-old. Smith was born in 1990. He is also recognized as the founder of International Youth Advocates. Smith got admission in the college even when this smart, very intelligent boy was only 10-year-old.


Christopher Michael Langan

You will be aware of the name of Christopher Michael Langan especially if you are an American resident because American people know him with the nickname “Smartest Man in America”. Langan has the second best IQ level in the world with a score of 195. He is the greatest autodidact in America who was born in San Francisco, California. He is a master in Latin, Greek, philosophy, physics and advanced math.


Kim Ung Yong

Kim Ung Young is still a matchless personality in the history of modern world. This South-Korean resident is not among richest people of the world but is at No. 1 in the most intelligent people in the world. He got admission in the university when he was only 4-year-old and earned a doctoral degree when Kim Ung Yong was only 15-year-old. He is the person with highest IQ level in the history of modern world with IQ of 210.


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    Pretty sure you have the wrong picture for Number 3, pictured is Gregory Smith the actor born in 1983 n in Canada who starred in the US TV show Everwood.

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