Top Ten Most Famous Superheroes of Real Life

There is a long list of famous superheroes that rule the minds of hearts of hundreds of millions of people across the globe, mainly for their good and human-friendly works as well as for their extra ordinary abilities. These are normal people though but their extra ordinary abilities bring them the title of superheroes. Well, I was talking about famous superheroes of the movie world. But this article describes about superheroes of real life. This is truly an incredible list to read through the end.

Thai Ngoc without Sleep Famous Superheroes

Can you live without sleep? Can you even think of awaking continuously for more than 1 day? Well, Thai Ngoc is an extra ordinary person from Vietnam who has a claim of being awake for the past thirty eight years. Initially it was because of a bout of fever he had in 1973 but now Ngoc can awake as long as he can. Thanh Nien, a local news organization in Vietnam, reported that Ngoc is not involved in any kind of ill effect because of his ability of not sleeping for that long.

Rajana Agrawal Human X-Ray Machine

Rajana Agrawal is at No. 9 in this list only because she is widely known in Indian people as the “Human X-Ray Machine”. Unbelievable but this is true. This Indian lady has some God gifted amazing powers that she can see through easily even through the covered eyes. This ability has earned her this fame of a human x-ray machine. Cover her eyes with cotton clothe and she can still watch like she can with open eyes.

The Monkey Man

He is another marvelous, extra ordinary human being we have in our era. We are lucky enough to see such a talented man who is able of reacting or acting same like we see monkeys doing in the jungle. He is famous for “The Monkey Man” and he is the resident of India. This incredible man is the second from India in this list. He can climb up on the buildings and trees (very difficult for others to even climb a couple of feet) easily same like monkeys.

Liew Thow Lin Magnet Man

Liew Thow Lin is another extra ordinary man we have in the world. The uniqueness of this Malaysian man is pretty different from others in this list. He is famous with the title “Magnet Man”, only because his body is able of sticking any metal object very easily. Just give him a metal object and the next moment it will stick to his body. Lin has shown his ability in numerous charity events across the globe. He can stick maximum of 36 kg weight of metal objects to his body.

Masutatsu Oyama

Masutatsu Oyama is at No. 6 in this list. Though he is not alive (died in 1994) but his ability to be an extra ordinary human being during his tenure put his name in this list. You have seen several unbelievable stunts in different famous super hit movies but Masutatsu was the person who performed a live stunt in front of hundreds of people. He hit and killed a bull with bare hands. Can you believe this? Well, really tough to believe but it happened in Korea. Masutatsu was a notable martial artist in Korea.

Mohan electricity Man

Mohan is the Indian superhero who has earning rapid worldwide fame in the world in the past few months. Have you ever heard of a human being with the ability of conducting high voltage electricity? Mohan, an Indian resident, is the person who can make his body a conductor and can make it able of passing high voltage electricity through his body easily, without any fear, harm or danger to his life. He is the resident of Kerala, India. This is literally amazing and most dangerous act in this list.

Michel Lotito Eat-it-all

The most notable, amazing and extra ordinary entertainer in France is probably Michel Lotito. This 4th top-rated superhero of the world was born in 1950 who earned fame for digesting those consumables that are impossible to even eat by other normal people. French people know him with the title Monsieur Mangetout (meaning in English language: Mister Eat-it-all). This amazing French entertainer can eat and consume rubber, glass, metal and so on. Lotito also ate a Cessna 150 in a time period of two years. Have you seen such a strong, incredible human in your life?

Ben Underwood Blind Man

Have you ever seen a blind man can see same like other normal human being? Ben Underwood is the person alive who has the ability of detecting objects with a strong power of sensing echoes coming from these objects. This unique ability makes him 3rd most famous superhero of real life at the moment. Ben had lost his eyes at the age of 3 because of cancer, but he can ride a bicycle and can play basketball just like other normal people. Really amazing!

Daniel Browning Smith -The Rubber Boy

Most of you would be aware of “The Rubber Boy”. His amazing body and ability to bend or mold his body into extreme shapes has won him five Guinness World Records. He is widely known as the most flexible body holder human being in the world. He is also among top-rated contortionists at the moment. The Rubber Boy has proved his talent in many television shows, including “The Discovery Channel”. “Best Damn Sports Show Period”, Ripley’s Believe It or Not” and “Oprah Winfrey”.

Daniel Tammet incredible brain

It is said that Daniel Tammet is the only person in this world (known so far to the world) who has incredible brain then any other person at the moment. This is the most talented British mind who has the ability of memorizing as well as recounting thousands of calculations in a time period of just five hours. Tammet is also able of speaking multiple languages, including Esperanto, Welsh, Icelandic, Estonian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Spanish, German, Finnish, French and English.

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