Top Ten Violent Movies of All Time

There are dozens of movies that are made as based on the crime-related theme across the globe. Some of them have acceptable violence shown throughout the movie but some of them really cross the limits and give an extra ordinary look of violence to its viewer. Below list express the top ten violent movies of all time. Each of movies below has much more than normally shown violence in the movies.

Natural Born Killers

“Natural Born Killers” tells us the story of Mallory and Mickey (two leading characters) who are the killers not for politics or any kind of profit but only because killing make them happy. Juliette Lewis and Woody Harrelson played this male/female duo in the movie who was involved in gruesome killing spree throughout the movie time. This crime/black comedy American movie was released in 1994 under Oliver Stone’s direction.

War Of The Worlds

“War Of The Worlds” is at No. 10 in our list of top ten violent movies of all time. The movie is full of selfishness, indecision and the terror as the planet in invaded by the aliens extensively. An excellent role has been performed by the Tom Cruise who was top in the list of those who protect planet from aliens. The dripping blood as well as the gory violence of “War Of The Worlds” included this movie in the list most disturbing and frightening movies of all time.

The Wild Bunch

“The Wild Bunch” is among top-rated movies of 1960s which was released in 1969 being an outstanding effort of Sam Peckinpah as the director. This American Western film portrays activities of the aging outlaw gang that were in full command on the Mexico-Texas border. The story revolves around the struggles of this gang who went violent just to retain its existence even in rapidly changing world of that time.


Troy is probably the most violent movie of 2004. The movie turns into an extreme violent movie when the Helen of Troy is smuggled backed by the Prince of Troy because he was in deep love with this wife of the King Menelaus of Sparta. King Agamemnon (the brother of King Menelaus) was asked by his brother to invade Troy to rescue his wife from the Prince of Troy. This is the starting point of an extreme violence in this movie which is at No. 8 in top ten violent movies of all time.

Kill Bill

Kill Bill is at No. 7 in this list. This thriller / action movie is based on two parts which was written, directed and released in 2003 (first installment) and in 2004 (second installment) by Quentin Tarantino. Initially it was a single installment movie but more than four-hour running time eventually resulted in delivering it in two parts. The most dangerous and important part of Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (an assassins group) is a bride who works under Bill’s supervision. [smartads]

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings is yet among most famous fantasy adventure films that was made and released in three parts. The three part of this epic film trilogy are named as “The Fellowship of the Ring” released in 2001, “The Two Towers” released in the next year of first part i.e. 2002 and “The Return of the King”, final version which was released in 2003. The third or final part is recognized as a darkest quest in all three versions. The movie is full of battles between fierce creatures and the humans that are full of violent situations.

Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust is an outstanding direction work of Ruggero Deodato which was released as a best Italian horror film in 1980. The director selected Amazon Rainforest area as the best location to film this most violent Italian movie so far. The story revolves around a documentary film crew who suddenly disappears while filming the cannibal tribes in the Amazon Rainforest. The lost cans of film are then recovered by a rescue mission. This is full of terror, horror and scariest scenes movie that bring it at No. 5.


Gladiator is widely recognized as an awesome combination of atmosphere, dimensional characters, action, blending of plot and triumph. Gladiator is full of action scenes and most of these scenes are violent to many. This historical epic film was brought to theaters in United States in 2000. General Maximus Decimus Meridius (the historical loyal Roman combatant) is the center character of the movie played by Russell Crowe.


“300” portrays the story of only 300 Spartans who didn’t afraid of fighting against an army of over one million soldiers. This army was of Persian Xerxes (a Persian king who was named as god-King in his time). The movie 300 fictionalized the historical battle, named as “Battle of Thermopylae”, between Spartans and Persian army. You would forget blinking your eyes throughout the movie as it is full of action (but mostly this action is categorized as violent action).

The Passion of the Christ

“The Passion of the Christ” is at No. 1 in top ten violent movies of all time. This American film is a marvelous production and direction effort of 2004 which has Mel Gibson in the leading character. Jim Caviezel played an outstanding character for the Jesus Christ. The story of “The Passion of the Christ” covers the last (final) 12 hours of the life of Jesus Christ. It grossed over $600 million and was a major commercial hit that time.

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