Top Ten Worst Cities in USA

There is a long list of worst cities in the world but we have to combine a list of top ten worst cities in USA only. It looks like the list includes and excludes some names every year but mostly there are some new names that are added to the list of most dangerous cities to live in United States. It is because of their consistency in never getting better. Below list contains the current top ten in this list where you should think twice to live for a long time.


Memphis, Tennessee Worst Cities in USA

Memphis is yet another top-rated American city which is not most favorable to live at the moment because of worst crime conditions everywhere in the metropolitan area. Memphis at 10 th spot in top ten worst cities in USA at the moment where around 4 assault cases, 58 motor vehicle theft cases, 75 rape cases, 3 burglary cases, 25 murder cases and 6 robbery cases.

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Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson is the top-rated Mississippi State which is included in this list of worst American cities at the moment. The stats show that Jackson is the home to around 192 assault cases, 24 robbery cases, 6 murder cases, 27 motor vehicle theft cases, 2 burglary cases and 23 rape cases at the moment that happen in a day. It is also included in the top 100 criminal cities on the world map.

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Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio is currently at No. 8 in the list that contains info about most dangerous or worst cities of United States. Cleveland is currently at second position for rape and robbery cases in a day in United States. Cleveland stats show that the people are facing around 8 burglary cases, 2 robbery cases, 10 motor vehicle theft cases, 3 rape cases, 19 murder cases and 118 assault cases on daily basis that make their lives worsen to live at the moment.

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Birmingham, Alabama

It is currently being said about Birmingham, Alabama that you should take special measures to hide your wife, husband and even kids because the criminal are raping everyone they find alone in this city. Birmingham crime list of the day include around 44 assault cases, 5 burglary cases, 11 robbery cases, 40 motor vehicle theft cases, 7 rape cases and at least 7 murder cases at the moment which brings this Alabama city at 7th position in our top ten worst cities in USA list.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisiana is another American state whose at least one city is included in the list of worst cities across United States. The name of the city is New Orleans which was once at No. 1 in this list for two straight years. Though the city is losing crime ratio (which is a good sign) but still has high ratio of crimes than other American cities. New Orleans stats show that the city is facing around 72 assault cases, 2 murder cases, 262 rape cases, 70 robbery cases, 40 burglary cases and 14 motor vehicle theft cases in a day.



Flint, Michigan

Flint is another city from Michigan which is in our top ten worst cities in USA list. Flint is currently on top in burglary and assault cases across United States. The stats of Flint show that the city authorities register 1 assault case, 13 murder cases, 9 rape cases, 60 motor vehicle theft cases, 16 robbery cases and at least 1 burglary cases (on average) in a day. Think twice before heading to Flint for a week or so.


Detroit, Michigan

It looks like every state in USA has at least one worst city where living conditions are getting worsen with the time. 4th in our list is Detroit, Michigan. The stats show that Detroit authorities register 3 assault cases, 8 murder cases, 3 motor vehicle theft cases, 169 rape cases, 8 robbery cases and 16 burglary cases in a day. Detroit is among most consistent cities in this list that gets renewed every year.


Oakland, California

Oakland is a major city in California and is currently on 3rd in worst cities’ list. This Californian city is currently on top in car theft cases in the country. You better use bicycle when go out for any kind of activity in Oakland. The city stats show registering 7 assault cases, 12 murder cases, 14 rape cases, 1 motor vehicle theft case, 3 robbery cases and burglary 116 cases in a day. You’re advised to park your vehicle certainly at a safer place when you’re going out.


St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is the second in this list which is the city of Missouri State in United States. St. Louis is currently categorized as No. 1 in 4 different categories in this country. Stats show that the St. Louis is currently having 2 assault, 4 murder, 45 rape, 4 motor vehicle theft, 4 robbery and 13 burglary cases registered in a day. You may not find any crime which is not found in St. Louis. The rapid crime list may bring this city on top in top ten worst cities in USA very soon.


Camden, New Jersey

Camden, New Jersey is currently at No. 1 in this list because of becoming the murder capital in United States in the past few years. Current stats show that the city is having around 6 assault cases, 1 murder case, 8 rape cases, 8 motor vehicle theft cases, 1 robbery and 41 burglary cases in a day. Therefore, it is ranked as No. 1 murder and robbery cases holder city in United States. You should rethink before settling down in Camden, New Jersey.

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  1. Lisa

    The content is very interesting, but your English needs some work. The way you structure your sentences is very confusing. You could benefit from taking a simple English Grammar class.

    • USLawyer

      I would like to hear you speak another language. English is one of the most difficult languages to master in terms of grammar.

  2. m lapan

    laurel,ms ,must be one of the worst cities by my reasons alone my parents murder was covered up by law officials in 1963,I just found out about my inheritance at 53 years old,and the corruption here is unbelievable!!!

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  4. Jamar Dantzler

    Cleveland should not be 8 the city is not that violent have you ever been there your facts are wrong what do you go by number 8 is a bit harsh

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    man first off, where da fuck is CHICAGO!!!!?????!?!?!??! and why they got Jackson Mississippi and Birmingham Alabama and Cleveland worst then cities like Chicago, Stockton Ca, Los Angeles Ca, and even Memphis???? worst list EVER. there is NO WAY freakin Alabama or Mississippi is worse than CHIRAQ or other cities in CALI

    • Melissa

      I live in Jackson Mississippi and originally from Sacramento California. Jackson definitely deserves to be on this list…

  7. Then there’s Camden NJ and Newark, both places you can’t walk down the street in. Parts of LA, boroughs of NYC, and Miami, you got to be kidding me…We have plenty, but NONE compare the the jungles of Haiti and Africa

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