Understanding the pieces in your backgammon sets

Understanding the pieces in your backgammon sets Understanding about backgammon game is very much important in becoming a good player. Playing with a traditional Backgammon set is a real fun. You have to consider the size of the backgammon board when you are purchasing a set. Buying a tournament size board is more than enough to play this ancient game. The colour of the board should be clear, and you have to choose precision dice with the corners rounded off. backgammon

Backgammon equipment

The set comes with the following accessories. • A Backgammon layout or board. • Thirty round checkers, two different colours 15 each refereed as men. • A regular dice pair, which is numbered from 1 to 6. • A dice cup to cast the dice. • A doubling cube which is a six faced die, marked with 2,4,8,16,32 & 64.

Game objective

The main objective of the Backgammon is to bring all men into home board. The player who gets all men off the board is declared winner. Game Starting Each player has to cast the dice. The first move is made by the player who gets a higher number. And in the event, both players get the same number, it is declared a standoff, and another chance is given to both players to roll the dice.

Moving the checkers

• Each player has to roll two dice. According to the number cast, the player moves his men. • If both the dice to get the same numbers, like 3-3, 4-4 (which is known as doublets), the caster gets four

Moves instead of two

• A player who makes six consecutive point completes a prime. • A single man is called a blot if he is on a point. • A player is said to have closed board when he makes six points on his home board. • A player is declared a winner if all your 15 men are born off before your opponent has single men borne off, you win a double game or gammon. • If all your 15 men are borne off before your opponents and he still has many men in his home board, then you win a backgammon or triple game.


Backgammon game has an opening theory established, although it is not like detailed game of chess. After the game opening, the players rely on established general strategies. The direct strategy is to avoid being hit, and you should be always ahead in the race. Bumping opponent’s pieces and rolling doubles keeps your pieces safe and makes the game exciting and fun to play. So, hope you have a good idea of playing backgammon now. Enjoy the game and have fun. Bio: I am a champion in playing backgammon since my childhood. Being a software person, I studied backgammon with great interest. This is one of the oldest and challenging board game in the world. This is a game for two players. The pieces are moved according to the dice roll, and if a player removes all his pieces first from the board, he wins. Strategy plays an important role in the backgammon even though luck is also involved in the game.

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