Unique entertainment for the Christmas table

Now it's time to book the entertainment for your Christmas table! Treat yourself to a new and unique form of entertainment! Colorful Christmas table and show with Rubiks Cube Julenissen is a traditional entertainer at Christmas tables around Norway, but he is not the only one who can entertain at Christmas! What about magical entertainment on the Christmas table? Are you planning a Christmas table but struggling with the entertainment idea? Treat yourself to something different this year, something colorful, something fun, something you have not seen before! Let yourself be tempted with elements like standup, laughter and humor, and twist this together with incomprehensible skills with a Rubik's Cube and a truly unique wrapping. Surprise your employees, colleagues, friends and customers with fun entertainment that stands out from everything else! As responsible for the entertainment of the Christmas table, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees, friends, colleagues, partners, customers or suppliers remember. Mostly because it is indescribably good entertainment, as they have not seen before. Rubiks Entertainer combines brand new and unique entertainment with Rubik's Cube together with magic and magic.

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