Want to Enjoy Luxury in a Hotel? Book World’s Most Expensive Hotels

Hotels’ usage is quite high in the entire world. The reason are numerous and the main being traveling, business tours, vacationing and others. Every person stays at the hotel as per his or her status and budget. The ones who are big business tycoons or have bulky pockets with abundance of money would like to stay at the luxury hotels – the most expensive ones to make a status symbol and enjoy the luxuries. For them, there are endless amount of luxurious and the most expensive hotels in the world. Let’s check out the top 10 most expensive hotels’ list below.

Lizard Island

Lizard Island This hotel is a true luxurious and expensive hotel with tremendous facilities to enjoy with. It is located in Australia in Great Barrier Reef. The hotel witness a number of visitors daily and all and sundry would love making their stay at the hotel. Daily cost of stay at the hotel is around $1651.

Southern Ocean Lodge

Southern Ocean Lodge This one luxury hotel too is in Australia and is located in Kangroo Island. The hotel’s reputation is quite good among the people of the world. Once you stay there, you will remember the stay forever. The daily rate for stay at the hotel is around $1665.

Maia Luxury Resort and Spa

Maia Luxury Resort and Spa The hotel is situated in Seychelles and is loved for the stay by the visitors and the travelers of the world. The African landscape and the ambiance is around which is really catchy and soothing. The location is Anse Louis. Daily rate for stay is around $1692.

Hotel Romazzino

Hotel Romazzino It is in Italy – the romantic land of Europe with so many eye catchy and splendidly magical locations to visit. The location of the hotel is Sardinia. The daily rate for the stay at this luxurious and expensive hotel is around $1850.

Hotel Cala di Volpe

Hotel Cala di Volpe Another luxury and expensive hotel exists in Italy. Its location too is in Sardinia. The hotel carries mind boggling facilities to enjoy with. People come and get mesmerized with the soothing experience of life there. You have to spend around $1904 per day for cost of staying.

Amankora & Spa

Amankora & Spa This hotel is another most expensive one on the list of the top expensive hotels of the world. It is located in Paro, Bhutan. To stay at this hotel, cost per day is around $1910.

Villa del Parco

Villa del Parco Italy has another distinction in pocket as another world’s most expensive hotel is there. It is Villa del Parco that is located in Sardinia. The cost of living at this full of facilities and lavish hotel is around $2031.

Hotel Pitrizza

Hotel Pitrizza Well, now we have to consider one thing that Italy is traveler’s paradise and for sure, the travelers come in bulk in this country round the year. Why? Because the country has many attractions to visit and is one of the beautiful countries of Europe. Another world’s expensive hotel is in Italy. It is located in Sardinia. The daily cost of living there is around $2041.

Royal Mansour

Royal Mansour This royal hotel, as the name suggests it features the royal touch and royal facilities for the customers, is in Morocco. It is located in Marrakech. Customer has to spend around $2060 only for living there for a day. For extra things, you have to spend more dollars.

The Le Dune, Fort Village Resort

The Le Dune, Fort Village Resort It is called the world’s most expensive hotel of the world. The hotel is located at the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia. You can enjoy tremendous amount of five star facilities with royal style by spending $2539 per day for living cost only. [smartads]

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