Wildlife Thrills But Sometimes Kills – World’s 10 Most Dangerous Animals

Wildlife is simply adorned and the entire world is crazily loves to see and enjoy them. People especially take time out to be with wildlife or see them. Wildlife for sure entices us and this is the main reason we people get attracted towards them. Where the wildlife is not dangerous and they hardly do any harm to humans, there are many animals which are really dangerous to the humans.

Borneo Pygmy Elephant

Borneo Pygmy Elephant Elephants are love hugely and they are the creatures which we all love dearly because they look so nice, innocent and gorgeous. But among the elephants, there are few which are really dangerous. They are called Borneo Pygmy Elephants. They were discovered in 1841 and in the world, their population is around 1200 currently.

Black Rhinoceros

Black Rhinoceros At number ninth position is none other than black rhinoceros, who are utterly dangerous from all aspects. It is called that they are one of the two rhinoceros species in Africa and one of five in the entire world. The reports and the records say that only 1000 are left in the world out of 90,000 which were once there in the world.

Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla It is called the second rarest known primate in the entire globe. The reports utter that around 302 to 408 Mountain Gorillas are left alive today. Their population suffered a lot since the beginning of the early 20th century.

Cross River Gorilla

Cross River Gorilla Another most dangerous animal is Cross River Gorilla, which was not known to exist till the time of 80s. As per reports, around 300 are left in the world and they are found along the Cameron border of Nigeria.

Sumatran Rhinoceros

Sumatran Rhinoceros The most dangerous at number six animal is Sumatran Rhinoceros. The present population in the world of these most dangerous creatures is approximately 300. They are the only rhinoceros having two horns in Asia and they are also the only ones with hair on body with reddish brown fur.

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger Siberian Tigers are also the most dangerous ones and besides they are also the rare ones in the world. Their population keeps on lessening in the world and presently there are only 500 left alive in the whole globe.

Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhinoceros They are also called the most dangerous species in the world. But unfortunately they are found in much lesser quantity in the world. Around 50 are left alive in the world today. And they are also found only in two countries – Vietnam and Indonesia.


Vaquita At number third is Vaquita living in California’s gulf – a water’s stretch between Mexico and Baja California. It is called the world’s super dangerous animal. They are around 500 or 600 left alive in the world.

Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard This leopard is the second most dangerous species in the world and is called the native of Asia in particular Russia. Reports have it that there are only 40 left alive in today’s world. This one has been much elusive and has always had a tiny population.


Baiji At number one is Baiji – the world’s much dangerous animal rather aquatic animal. It is also named as Yangtze River Dolphin. This one is a fresh water dolphin which lives in the Chinese River. [smartads]

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