World Top Notch Facebook Big Pages with Superb Likes 2013

Facebook is world renowned and the much in use and well in demand social media website in the world. The social media giant has biggest rather the world’s top notch fan following in the globe. There is hardly anyone who does not know about Facebook and who does not use Facebook. Even the oldies use the service to get connected with their acquaintances and family members. Facebook is also used for distributing the contents and marketing the products and web pages, etc. Thus its use is super high. Every business in today’s scene uses Facebook and Facebook Pages are made where the people come and like. In this article, we will talk about those Facebook big pages which have biggest likes in the world.

Lady Gaga Facebook Big Pages

Lady Gaga The world’s most controversial singer, who is famous for her weird dressing and the controversies she keeps on generating in the media, sits on number 10th place on the list. She has 54,640,788 Facebook fans (likes) on her page and the growth of the likes raises 17,095 on daily basis.

Coca Cola Facebook Big Pages

Coca Cola World famous beverage brand Coca Cola is on the 9th place. The company enjoys the position with 56,837,442 likes on its page and the figure keeps growing on daily basis with the daily amount of likes as 26,372.

Shakira Facebook Big Pages

Shakira The curvy singer and the one singing sensation whose curvaceous body structure is what keeps her famous all the time, Shakira is on 8th place with her most fans on her Facebook page. She has 58,469,206 likes on her page and the likes grows daily as 37,766.

The Simpsons Facebook Big Pages

The Simpsons American TV series, which is widely famous among the TV viewers and in the media, The Simpsons has another biggest fans page on Facebook with likes as 58,725,967. The amount of likes grows as 38,258 daily, that is really a distinction.

Eminem Facebook Big Pages

Eminem Another coveted U.S singer Eminem enjoys the sixth place on the list. The singer’s Facebook page has 64,409,277 likes and the likes increase to heights daily with the daily quantity of 32,227. Wow!

Rihanna Facebook Big Pages

Rihanna World singing sensation Rihanna lands on the fifth place. Rihanna’s fan following even on other social websites is quite high as well. And on Facebook too, she enjoys the same distinction with 64,705,327 likes. The daily growth is 34,669.

Texas HoldEm Poker

Texas HoldEm Poker This website enjoys the fourth place on the list and carries the whopping and most impressive fan likes on its fan page. The fan page consists of 67,613,845 likes and the daily growth of fans to the page is 19,246.

YouTube Facebook Big Pages

YouTube YouTube lands on the third place on the list of the Top 10 Biggest Fan Pages of the World. YouTube, a venture by Google, is world most famous and super high in use by the world users. It holds 67,622,044 likes on its fan page and the daily growth of fans is 38,055. Facebook Facebook’s own Likes’ Page is at number two and it shows the top two positions are held none other than by Facebook, the social media giant, itself. Facebook’s Fan page carries 83,971,033 likes and the daily growth of likes is above 53,531.

Facebook for Every Phone

Facebook for Every Phone Facebook for Every Phone is the web page held by Facebook. It holds the number one position on the list. The page has 180,921,383 likes and the interesting thing about it that the likes keep on growing on daily basis. And the daily growth is more than 469,589 likes. [smartads]

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