World’s 10 Most Expensive Schools

Schooling is the basic in every child’s career and all sensible parents would really like to take right decision for the schooling for their kids. But we all are well aware of the fact that these days schooling is quite expensive. If you want your kids to get educated from famed and reputed schools, you need to know you have to bear huge expenses. This article will let you know about those 10 schools of the world which are super expensive for the education of the kids. Check out the list.

Purnell School, Pottersville, New Jersey

Purnell School, Pottersville, New Jersey The school is highly expensive and if you want to get your kids enrolled in this school, then get ready to see your pockets empty. This is a boarding school and only for girls from class 9th to 12th grade. The teacher ratio for education is quite handsome – 94 students and 14 faculty members. Approximate expenses are $52,800 per year.

Sandy Spring Friends School, Maryland

Sandy Spring Friends School, Maryland Image Source This school is actually a college preparatory school that enrolls the students from kindergarten to 12th grade. The enrollment is for 561 students every year and it also enrolls the international students according to their proficiency in English language. The approximate expenses are $52,850 per year.

Salisbury School, Connecticut

Salisbury School, Connecticut This school is for boys only and takes the enrolment from boys from class 9th to 12th grade. The selection criterion is very strict. The students and teachers ratio is 296 students and 62 faculty members. The rough expenses are $53,015 per year.

Dana Hall School, Massachusetts

Dana Hall School, Massachusetts The school was established way back in 1881 with the funding from a business tycoon named Charles Dana. This school helps the women get liberal arts education. From class 6th to 12th grade, girls are enrolled. You have to bear $53,211 every year.

Idyllwild Arts Academy, California

Idyllwild Arts Academy, California The school has 300 students enrolled who are getting trained in the fields of dance, creative writing, music, film, visual arts and theater. Get ready to pay $53,600 per year if you want your kid to get trained at this school.

Appleby College, Ontario

Appleby College, Ontario The per year expenses of this school are $53,911 a year, but if you are the resident of the area, you can minus the boarding expenses. It means you will only have to pay $35,989 a year. The school’s main focus is on liberal arts education. It is the only Canadian school that is the member of G20 schools.

Woodside Priory School, California

Woodside Priory School, California The school was launched in 1957 and the students are trained from 6th to 12th grades. The enrolment criterion is 370 students which are divided into class sizes of 15 and 18 students. The international students too are enrolled at the school.

St. Albans School, Washington, D.C.

St. Albans School, Washington, D.C. The students are enrolled in classes from 4th standards to 12th grades. There are around 575 students and approximately 100 faculty members at the school. The school’s annual expenses are $54,151 per year.

College Alpin International Beau Soleil

College Alpin International Beau Soleil, Switzerland It was launched in 1910. Total 200 students are enrolled in this school and the average class size of this school is just 4. More than 50 nationals are enrolled in this school. The kids of the European royalty and other famed people’s kids have been studied and are studying at this school. The annual expenses are $93,158 a year.

Institute Le Rosey, Switzerland

Institute Le Rosey, Switzerland The school is known as Rosey. This one is a private school and the international boarding school can be traced in Rolle in Switzerland. This school is famous as School of Kings. For every five students, there is only one teacher. Total 400 students get study at the school. [smartads]

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