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If you glance a look at the world map, you will stumble upon a number of countries which have Biggest Population and area. But there are fewer ones which stand out with their distinctions. Here in this article, we are going to talk about those top 10 biggest countries of the world, which are prominent on the world map’s scene. Check out the list and enjoy browsing.


New York

New York Biggest Population New York is world’s most populous city of the world. It is also called Big Apple. New York is widely discussed in the entire globe and in talk shows. In movies, television shows, fashion shows and in news, New York is found everywhere. New York is also famous for its taller buildings and fashion scene.



Manila Biggest Population Manila, the capital of Philippines, is on the ninth list of the world’s top 10 biggest cities of the globe. With population, area, tall buildings and shopping malls, Manila enjoys the place on the list. It is a world renowned city.



Karachi Biggest Population Pakistan’s biggest city, which once was called the Asian tiger due to its strong economy, Karachi is most populated city of the country as well as the world. Due to its biggest seaport, the city is rated high in the world. Due to the bad circumstances spread in the city, Karachi has started losing its worth.



Delhi Karachi Biggest Population India’s capital, Delhi lands on the seventh place on the list. India is already on the second place on the world’s most populous cities’ list and now its capital gets another distinction of being the world’s most biggest city.


Mexico City

Mexico City Delhi Karachi Biggest Population The capital of Mexico, Mexico City gets sixth place on the list but it is almost equal to Delhi since it becomes difficult to measure which city is slightly bigger. It is rated high for being the most financial, political, educational and cultural values.



Seoul Mexico City Delhi Karachi Biggest Population Seoul enjoys the fifth place and it marks the starting of the Asian reign in the top 5. South Korea’s capital, Seoul is also named as Seoul Special City. The city is also called the largest metropolis in South Korea. Half of Korea’s population lives in the city.



Shanghai Biggest Population China’s most famous and world’s super popular city, Shanghai is famed for its commerce, economy, fashion, media, transport and technology in the entire globe. The city is the home for a number of large businesses of the world. China’s financial center, Shanghai is at number fourth.



Jakarta Biggest Population Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta lands on the third place of the list of the top 10 world’s biggest cities. With its bi population, the city is the known metropolitan area of Indonesia. It has many biggest businesses there and city’s life is rated high.


Canton (Guangzhou)

Canton (Guangzhou) Biggest Population China’s Guangdon province’s capital city, Canton is much known in the world. The city has the biggest population in the world. And we all are well aware of the fact that China is the biggest country in terms of population of the world with more than 1.3 billion population.


Tokyo Biggest Population Country

Tokyo Biggest Population Japan’s capital and the world’s biggest commerce city, Tokyo is at number one place on the list. Along with London and New York, Tokyo enjoys the top place being world’s champion commerce and strong economy city. In terms of technological advancement, Tokyo is the biggest exporter of the world. You can also check list of Population countries in Wikipedia. [smartads]

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  1. The picture you are using for New York under the category of World ‘s Biggest Cities with the Biggest Populations is NOT a picture of NYC. That is a picture taken from the Odaiba section of Tokyo with the Rainbow Bridge in the background. I am born and raised in NYC and my wife was born and raised in Tokyo and there is NO doubt that we are correct. You may want to make the correction and replace it with a real picture of the NYC skyline.

  2. Lala

    Seriously, with your grammar, it’s not very easy to follow!! Don’t believe everything that google translator tells you!! The most biggest?? Plus, if you’re doing a ranking, you might as well write down the numbers, so we get an idea of WHY the city made it to the ranking, and how much bigger than the other ones it is.

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