World’s Most Famous Expensive Houses – Ambani’s Antilla Tops the List

Living in a lush, lavish, giant and most exquisite house is everyone’s top notch wish. But to make it happen, you have to spend mammoth money. The world is laced with endless amount of most lavish and giant houses which are super expensive. In this article, we will give you the details about the top 10 most expensive houses which are luxurious, classy and super expensive. Check them out.

Rybolovlev Estate – $95 Millio

Rybolovlev-Estate Well, this house is really super expensive single family house. It is owned none other than by Donald Trump. Besides this house is also termed as the most expensive abode every won in a divorce case. The oceanfront house carries 33,000 square feet area and has 18 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms. The value of the house is $95 million.

Silicon Valley Mansion — $100 Million

Silicon Valley Mansion — $100 Million This house is also called the most expensive single family house in America. Why? This also has the mammoth value as its retail value is $100 million. The house has 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. Besides it has indoor and outdoor swimming pools. It is a real fancy house.

Fleur De Lys — 125 Million

Fleur De Lys  2 This house is constructed on 41,000 square feet and also has the place on the most expensive houses of the world. The house has 15 bedrooms but interestingly does not have any bathrooms. It looks weird.

The Manor — $150 Million

The Manor — $150 Million This is the residential estate in the U.S. and it holds the 7th place on the list. The reports have it that the value of the house is $150 million. It is constructed on 56,000 square feet and has 123 rooms, an ice rink, a bowling alley and an entire wing devoted to the wardrobe of Spelling’s wife.

The Pinnacle — $155 Million

The Pinnacle — $155 Million The house’s value is $155 million and it is in Montana. It is really unique and it is so because of the reason – a private chair lift from the house to ski-resort which is nearby. The house’s architecture is really fabulous and catchy.

Franchuk Villa — $161 Million

Franchuk-Villa This house is really fabulous and superb in every manner. It is simply awesome. Its retail value is $161 million. It features 10 bedrooms and is called a Victorian Villa featuring an underground indoor swimming pool, private movie theater and panic room. This one is really fancy.

The Hearst Mansion - $165 Million

Franchuk Villa — $161 Million This house has tremendous good things attached to it and this all makes it more famous and obviously it is much expensive as well. The facts, which make it more popular, include it was used in Godfather and JFK had spent his honeymoon days there. The house consists of 29 bedrooms, 3 pools, movie theater and a disco.

Fairfield Pond — $198 Million

Fairfield Pond This house is constructed on the area of 66,000 square feet and valued at $198. The house features bowling alley, basketball court and a bathtub which costs $150,000.

Villa Leopolda — $736 Million

Villa Leopolda This house had been constructed by King Leopold II of Belgium way back in 1902. It is located on the French Riviera. A Russian billionaire named Prokhorov had bought this lush home. The house contains 27 stories and 19 bedrooms besides many other things. Its value is $736 million.

Antilla – $1,000,000,000

Antilla – $1,000,000,000 Antilla is owned by Indian billionaire industrialist and businessman Mukesh Ambani, who often gets his place on the top 10 list of the world’s richest people. This is located in Mumbai. The home is called one billion dollar house and is the world’s most expensive house. It consists of 27 storeys. Six floors are fixed for vehicles’ parking, one floor is for Jacuzzi, one floor is for gym, one is for ice room, one is for ballroom (dancing) and for bedrooms and bathrooms, there are many floors fixed. The house also contains 4 storey gardens. [smartads]

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