World’s Top 10 Sexiest Cities Which Seduce the Travelers

Traveling is what every soul on planet earth wants to do – majority of us are crazy and would love to keep traveling around the world exploring the locations, traditions, customs and the lifestyle of the countries spread on the earth. There are certain cities of the world which are called sexy. Why? Because they carry the feel of romance, intimacy, liveliness and attraction. Let’s explore the top 10 sexiest cities of the world.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro The city takes the tenth place on our list. It is called the sexy city of the world because of the bikini and speedo army on the beach that instantly attracts every eye. Fashionistas, bars, fashion boutiques and the slum-dwellers make the city sexier.


Beirut Beirut is called one of the sexiest cities in the world because wherever you are there in the city, you can sense, see and feel the magic of the city. It is super alluring, vain, complex, scarred and exciting all at the same time. The beauties on the road make the city extra sexy.


Barcelona The Mediterranean metropolis is called the sexiest city as it carries the ambiance of sexiness to the fullest. The city has astonishing bars, hotels and parties to chill with. The beauty further adds spices to the city’s worth.


Paris France’s metropolitan city, Paris – the place that is famous for its fashion venues is also the world’s sexiest city. Fashion, beauties, cafes, gardens and other places make the city intimate. Come with your loved one to enjoy the romantic stroll at the Place des Vosges.


Istanbul Istanbul truly represents Turkey’s culture and tradition. A European city, Istanbul is called the hot city with intimacy. It is always filled with excitement carrying excitement filled activities. The grand bazaar, gaudy trinkets, richly patterned rugs, aromatic spices and honey drenched baklava allure the souls.


Venice Italy’s Venice is another sexiest city of the world. With its magical locations, city’s build up on waters (canals), the eye-catchy architecture, buildings, city’s travel on the yachts – this all mesmerize the traveler and the traveler takes the beautiful memories along back home.


Sydney Sydney is the world’s most beautifully clean and gorgeous city that attracts the visitors and the travelers from around the world. The natural scenes allure the travelers. The mooring stroll around the harbor is what one should do for sure. The buzzy bars and Blue Sydney instantly attract the eyes.


Shanghai The activities like kite-flying, tai chi, card playing and tea drinking make the city sexy. When you arrive in Yuyuan gardens, the ornamental lake and wooden pagoda grab your eyes. In French district, dainty gardens, wide avenues and elegant villas make the ambiance further sexy.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Russia’s St. Petersburg is among the top notch sexiest cities of the world. The snow falling in the city really mesmerizes and captures the traveler’s attention. The city’s white night that takes place in June when the sun never sets is what should not be missed at all. Come and have fun.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Well, the city’s name itself shows it all as to why it is on the first place on the list of world’s top 10 sexiest cities. Gambling, sex and the entertainment are on high dose all the time letting the dwellers, visitors and the travelers to be an active part of the city’s glitteriest joys. Once you come to the city, you will not want to return rather would love to make your stay more. [smartads]

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